Our Strategy

  • To identify assets in under-explored areas but within known hydrocarbon basins
  • Spread technical risk by acquiring several licences in different countries with
    multiple exploration target potential
  • Manage work programmes, phasing activity towards exploration drilling
  • Take on higher non-technical risks, for example political, security etc

Why Africa and the Middle East:

Oyster's strategy is to establish itself as an esteemed African and Middle East independent energy company. Oyster has access to an extensive network of Ministerial and business relationships throughout Africa and the Middle East. The Company represents a broad range of technical and commercial upstream experience contained within its highly motivated management team, through which it seeks to build a world class oil & gas portfolio.

Portfolio Management:

Oyster seeks to negotiate value enhancing equity positions, providing the flexibility when required, to farm in partners to share technical experience and use of new geoscience technologies in defining and delineating world class oil & gas reserves. The strategy spreads investment risk whilst providing share value growth through value-adding exploration activity for both Oyster's and its partners' shareholders.

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