Our Anti-Bribery Commitment

Oyster is committed to doing business ethically. Even the suggestion of corruption can damage the reputation of Oyster and affect its ability to do business. It can also bring the personal integrity of individuals into question

Oyster is committed to complying with all applicable laws against bribery and corrupt practices in the jurisdictions in which it operates, even if this means turning away new business, not using the services of particular third parties or business partners or incurring delays in carrying out existing business.

It is our objective to ensure that Oyster's officers, employees and any individuals and companies ("Associated Person") acting on behalf of, or performing services for or on behalf of Oyster, understand and subscribe to the "Oyster culture". This requires the Associated person to abide at all times by the highest ethical standards, regardless of the subtleties of legal interpretation, or whether "bribes, facilitation or grease payments" are considered "usual business practice" or essential "to get things done" in the jurisdictions in which Oyster operates.

Oyster considers a breach of this commitment to be a very serious matter. Any breach shall result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal of an individual in appropriate circumstances.

Anti-Corruption enshrines the common sense approach which has been at the core of our corporate culture from inception.  
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