Corporate Governance

Oyster's board is committed to ensuring a common understanding within the board, stakeholders and investors to meet the highest standards of corporate governance to maintain business integrity and trust.

Board Governance and Responsibilities

The Board will:
  • lead by example, set the tone from the top, behave accordingly, and pay attention to the ethical health of Oyster's organisation;
  • make appointments to the Board, appoint senior management and Committee membership;
  • set remuneration for Directors and senior executives that is transparent and aligned with individual performance to promote organisational performance;
  • empower executive managers and committee's by setting clear goals, accountabilities, structures, committees, delegated authorities and policies;
  • acknowledge and address the organisation's strengths and weaknesses;
  • monitor management's progress towards achievement of goals;
  • ensure business strategies consider both risk and reward through understanding, acceptance and challenging executive management when appropriate;
  • approve annual budgets and operating plans, annual and half year reports and interim management statements;
  • review financial performance;
  • implement effective internal controls;
  • approve of health, safety, environmental, anti-bribery and other relevant policies;
  • establish Oyster's core values and ensure good corporate governance
Separation of Powers

Oyster maintains a clear division of responsibility between its Chairman and its Chief Executive. The responsibilities of the Chairman are to ensure the effective running of the board in setting the development and strategies for Oyster; effectively protecting the interests of its investors in terms of profitability and stability of the company. The key responsibilities of Oyster's Chief Executive is to propose commercial strategies and objectives to the board, then lead the executive management team to implement board decisions into day-to-day company operations.  
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